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Is the Internet Bad For the Environment?

You might not think about it much while you’re browsing the web, or sharing photos online, but the internet has a hidden energy cost. Whenever you access something on the internet, a server needs to use significant amounts of energy to send your content.  In a study conducted by Greenpeace, it was found that if you counted all of the internet servers in the world as a country, it would be the 6th largest consumer of energy.  With the rapid growth of the internet and cloud computing, what kind of effect will this have on the environment? That depends on where our internet servers get their energy from.



Many companies like Google and Apple have taken steps to restrict the size of their ecological footprint.  For example, both companies have been working towards using 100% renewable energy to maintain their servers.   We are at a point where we can allow the energy use of our servers to spiral out of control and contribute to carbon dioxide concentrations in the air, or we can manage the internet ourselves as it grows to ensure renewable energy is used.  Carbon dioxide is believed to be one of the largest human created causes of climate change, so anything we can do to reduce carbon emissions will help.

The internet doesn’t have to be bad for the environment, we can choose to make it a reason for generation clean energy.  Citizen Green was founded to offer clients an environmentally friendly alternative to all-in-one web services.  When you order a website from us, it is custom designed and hosted on a renewable energy server.  Your website will contribute green energy back into the electric grid instead of contributing to the problem of CO2 emissions.  As of this writing, we are also working with our partners, Trees for the Future to plant one tree every day for each of our all in one package subscribers.

This blog will serve as a list of energy saving ideas, environmentally sound alternatives and cool stories from nature.  Please contact us if you have an idea you’d like to share or would like to guest post on this blog.