How do I add images to my WordPress website?

WordPress has a lot of built in features for adding media to your website.  There is a section in its content management system called Media Library for organizing your images.  You can upload images to your Media Library by following these steps:

While you're editing a page or post, you can click the Add Media button to upload an image to your website.





A window will pop up that shows images you have previously added to your site.  You can select one of these images to add, or upload a new image.  To upload a new image, click the Upload Files tab.




A box will appear where you can drag and drop files from your computer folders.  Alternatively, you can click the Select Files button to use your web browser's file selector.




After you've uploaded your files you can include them in your posts with the add media button.  You can click on the image after adding it to change it's size or align it left, right, or centre.