Five Reasons You’ll Love WordPress

What’s so great about WordPress?  There are many reasons to list, but here’s our top 5:


WordPress is Flexible

Over the last few years, WordPress has changed from being used exclusively for blogs, to being used for any kind of website you can imagine.  Many WordPress sites we’ve built don’t even have blogs, but clients are able to change content on the fly without contacting a designer, should they choose.  You can have a WordPress site for any size organization or business, informational purposes, soliciting donations, announcing a wedding, selling on an eshop, showing your resume, listing a restaurant menu, or displaying a portfolio.  It’s flexible enough to create any kind of site you could imagine.


WordPress is Secure

Being open source means anyone can view and improve upon the core code used in WordPress.  Changes go through a peer review process, so errors that might cause a security problem are caught and not permitted to be used in a release version.


You Don’t Need to Call A Web Developer to Edit Your Site

Once a WordPress site is built most changes you’ll want to make to your content can be done in the WordPress post editor.  It should be familiar to anyone whose used word processor software like Microsoft Word, or Google Docs.  Wordpress will automatically add the HTML markup to your pages, so you don’t need to know any programming or markup languages to edit or add to your website!


It Saves Development Time and Money

If you were to pay a web designer / developer to create a website with all the features and flexibility of WordPress it would be a very expensive project indeed!  Many web designers are familiar with how WordPress works and find it relatively easy to customize the look and functionality of WordPress sites.  Our studio tends to create custom themes built on top of the very capable WordPress core, although we also work with pre-made themes to customize them to our clients needs.


Google Loves WordPress

If you’re at all interested in where your site shows up on search engines (Search Engine Optimization or SEO), you’ll be interested to know that Google loves WordPress.  The structure of WordPress addresses many of the issues Google finds while crawling the web.  Google Engineer Matt Cutts endorses WordPress, saying it takes care of 80-90% of SEO mechanics.