Authentic Content: Future Proofing Your SEO

Mar 05 2016

Written in collaboration with professional researcher & writer John A. McCurdy With Google increasingly favouring authentic website content, the meta-tag spam of SEOs past is increasingly passé – and potentially even damaging to your business or organization. SEO experts have used a range of tricks and loopholes in recent years to help their pages rise through the […]

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Mobile First Design, and Why it Matters

Nov 04 2015

Mobile first is a design philosophy that suggests you should design your website to work by default on smaller screens (like mobile phones).  This means that older browsers without new capabilities (like media queries) on phone and desktop will default to showing a mobile version of your website.  Why in the heck would you want […]

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How Does Geothermal Energy Compare?

Nov 02 2015

Geothermal energy is generated using the Earth’s heat.  In some places on Earth, parts of the mantle are pushed upwards, away from the core and towards the Earth’s crust.  This causes nearby rock to melt and surrounding water to increase in temperature.  Hot springs, like the ones pictured here can result from this process. Geothermal heat […]

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Six Ways to Make Your Small Business More Green

Oct 26 2015

Install LED lighting There are some really good reasons to switch to LED: Most Light Emitting Diode(LED) bulbs are more efficient than Compact Florescent(CFL).  LEDs can often use as little as 6w-8w compared to the CFL’s 11w-15w.  They also last much longer and produce less waste.  A typical LED bulb will last 50000 hours, compared to CFL […]

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What is Responsive Website Design?

Oct 21 2015

Before the year 2000, there were relatively few ways of viewing a webpage. You were most likely on a desktop computer, viewing sites on a monitor, while navigating the web with your mouse and keyboard.

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Fiber Optic Cabling

Is the Internet Bad For the Environment?

Oct 15 2015

You might not think about it much while you’re browsing the web, or sharing photos online, but the internet has a hidden energy cost. Whenever you access something on the internet, a server needs to use significant amounts of energy to send your content.  In a study conducted by Greenpeace, it was found that if […]

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Five Reasons You’ll Love WordPress

Oct 08 2015

What’s so great about WordPress?  There are many reasons to list, but here’s our top 5:   WordPress is Flexible Over the last few years, WordPress has changed from being used exclusively for blogs, to being used for any kind of website you can imagine.  Many WordPress sites we’ve built don’t even have blogs, but […]

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